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The function of this Committee is to keep abreast of all election laws, and to supervise the conduct of primary elections, certification of candidates and of election returns according to federal and state law.

Shelby Brightwell (chair)
R. L. Stevenson
Dorothy Isaac
Emma Randle
Evelyn Lowery
Budget and Finance
The functions of this Committee are to recommend an annual budget for the operation of the Executive Committee and to plan, develop, and implement fundraising activities for the County in accordance with the state Democratic Party Constitution. The Treasurer of the Executive Committee is an ex-officio member of this standing committee. (Beans and Greens Dinner and Friends of the Oktibbeha County Democratic Party)

Betty Evans (chair)
Harvey Jones
Frank Davis
Fenton Peters
Essie Griffin
Party Development
The functions of this committee are to develop and implement plans for strengthening of party organization in Oktibbeha County and to expand membership of the Democratic Party. (Executive Committee and Advisory Panel)

Linda Ferguson (chair)
Rose Graham
Lisa Kersen
Myfana Tryman
Rena Stevenson
Young Democrats
The functions of this committee are to serve as liaison between the college and high school Young Democrats organizations in the county and to assist in the development of the Young Democratic organizations.

Seth Oppenheimer (chair)
Steven Williams
Jeff Markham
Affirmative Action
The functions of this committee are to monitor the implementation of the Affirmative Action plan.

Emma Randle (chair)
John Marszalek
Fenton Peter
Education and Community Involvement
The functions of this committee are to plan and implement activities that will educate and involve the community concerning the political process and the activities of the Democratic Party locally. (Forums, rallies, public events, and precinct organizational meetings).

Jim Jones (chair)
Charles Avant
Charles Jenkins
Dexter Jones
HelenSue Parrish
Marilyn Trainer
Campaign and Voter Registration
The functions of this committee are to serve as a liaison between duly certified Democratic candidates and the candidates' campaign organizations during the general election campaigns, to promote the election of Democratic candidates, and to register potential Democratic voters. (Voter registration drives and campaign headquarters).

Marvell Howard (chair)
E.O. Hawkins
Marlene Simpson
Peggy Rogers
Keith Smith
The functions of this committee are to increase public awareness of the purposes and goals of the county Democratic party, to publicize its activities, and to promote its functions. (Newsletter and all other publicity).

John Marszalek (chair)
Jeff Markham
Steven Williams
Amy Richardson
Lisa Kersen (ex officio)
Daniel Melder (ex officio)
The functions of this committee are to organize and implement all social activities of the county democratic executive committee. (pre-meeting meals, receptions, picnics or other social events).

Charles Avant (chair)
Shelby Brightwell
Rena Stevenson
Marilyn Trainer
Marlene Simpson
HelenSue Parrish